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ADCES Welcomes Members of the Media to the 2022 Annual Conference

Each year, ADCES brings together clinicians, researchers and industry leaders to address key issues affecting people with diabetes, prediabetes and other cardiometabolic conditions. Sessions focus on the latest advancements in technology, self-care behaviors, program management skills, clinicals therapeutic approaches and more.

Criteria for Receiving Media Credentials

Complimentary registration for the ADCES 2022 Annual Conference is reserved for working members of the media, including print, broadcast and online media. Individuals eligible for a press pass include:

  • Print or broadcast editor/reporter, producer, photographer: if asked, credentials should be available.
  • Freelance journalist: if asked, samples of articles should be available showing previous work as a freelance writer and intent to learn from/cover the annual conference.
  • Blogger and website editors: a URL of the site should be shared that can be verified in advance.

Additional Criteria

  • Blogs and websites must contain original, dated, industry-related news content above and beyond links, forums, troubleshooting tips and reader contributions, and must be updated regularly.   
  • Bloggers and website editors must demonstrate that they will be attending the conference to garner and publish subscriber/viewer-oriented content purely for information purposes only and not as a marketing vehicle for the site or its sponsors.

Individuals Not Eligible for Complimentary Press Registration 

  • Individuals attending on behalf of a for-profit organization, such as a writer hired by a pharmaceutical company, a writer hired by a media outlet developed or supported exclusively by for-profit companies or a writer representing the interests of an advertiser.
  • Marketing, public relations or advertising/sales representatives.
  • Anyone using press credentials to generate revenue for companies or websites, or to gain access to ADCES members and/or experts for solicitation purposes.
ADCES reserves the right to allow or to refuse media credentials to any individual at its discretion.

Conference Attendance Rules for Media

  • Information gathered at the meeting is not allowed to be used in the development of any continuing medical education materials or programs.
  • Media are not allowed to sell, market or represent a company for the purpose of obtaining advertising or subscriptions from any registrant or exhibitor.
  • All sessions are embargoed until 9 a.m. CT on Friday, August 12. Please note that some sessions might have their own embargo dates that preclude them from being available for media interviews during the conference.
  • Educational sessions are not eligible for continuing education credit. 
Download the registration form here and email it to Adolfo Luna, Marketing and Communication Manager at